Xbox 1 Game Mods

Here is a collection of mods i have done for games on the original xbox.

user posted image

………..:::::::::::::: Changes ::::::::::::::………..

1. New Cockpit view

2. New sounds

3. New Skins for cars 512×512 or 1024×1024

4. New weather effects

5. New Car damage

6. Loads of small tweaks and changes

Download Here

user posted image

This mod adds weather effects to all parts of the maps like the following

1. wind
2. rain
3. better skies
4. Run up steeper surfaces
5. Weapons damage increase and reduced
6. New destructible items.
6. other small changes that make the game better

Download Here

user posted image
This mod has the following stuff edited.

1. Ball gravity (ball dips more realistically now).
2. Crossing auto help has been toned down a lot (Was way to auto aim like now you have to work hard to score).
3. Crossing height has been edited the soft crosses is now like a driver low and hard (rather than a floater).
4. Shot power bar (you now have longer to decided where to shoot).
5. Same as above but for penalties.
6. Keepers are loads better now (were a bit ****).
7. Turned up the air resistance for the ball when in flight (was to fast the ball was like a bullet).
8. Gameplay if faster.
9. Passing is quicker and more accurate.
10. Slide shots and stretch shots power toned down (same as shot was to fast).
11. Removed the chipping of the keeper when at his big toe (you can still chip him but its harder now).
12. Shooting is now even harder so when you score thoughts brilliant goals they mean so much more.
13. LOD has been overhauled now looks way better clearer and the head no longer go baled at a far view.
14. headers are now manual no more auto aim headers.
15. Jostle has now been made harder (you will notice this when a cross comes in).
16. AI difficulty has been given a over hall only WC all the others are the same.
17. Changed the bloom effects look not bad now.
18. Refs are more strict now so watch though tackles.
19. Hand balls now happen more often.
20. Keepers now run out on 1 on 1 situations and don’t **** it up.
21. Dribbling is now faster gives you a boost so you can get past that last defender.
22. Fixed the jostle bug (sorry guys )
23. WC is back to default now so WC, Pro, Semi and Ami are default.
24. New Legend difficulty even more harder (i know i got beat Italy 0:2 Spain ).

Download Here

WrestleMania 21 crazychris_modpack_v1 – I have just re-uploaded this and included the files needed to install it.

Download Here


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