PS3/PC to Xbox Converter

Please note:
you will need to resign rehash the xbox files once converted, if you dont know how to do that (pants easy) stop here.

Current issues:
PC face Converter doesn’t work correctly (colour pallet is gubbed/broken)

Hi & thank you for looking here, here I will be posting all my tools & finding, currently I have tools to convert PS3 & PC Uniform***.bin, Face***.bin, Emblem**.bin to Xbox & Give Me Credits!..

PES 2012 PS3/PC to Xbox Converter

Download Links:
Pes 2012 PS3 to Xbox Converter v0.2
Pes 2012 PC to Xbox Converter v0.2
Preview Video

SVN Links:
PES2012 PS3 to Xbox Converter SVN
PES2012 PC to Xbox Converter SVN

SVN is always up todate.


Emblem Template & Strip Template. (import Emblem as strip data)
Emblem Template.pngStrip Template.PNG

w!Ld@ for telling me about the CRC32 Checksum, cheers man 😉

Click if you would like to get me a cuppa 😉


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