(widget) WAD v2.4

Ok i started this thread because i wanted some where i could answer questions easy and update regularly.

This widget started off as a weather widget then i seen the clock widget and people kept asking how can we have both so i set about it and combined them the result was my Weather + Clock Widget then the digital clock came out so yet again i combined them so now we have WAD.

If you asking yourself why should i download this because you can customize this widget to how you like it that’s why you can disable enable all of the feature’s you can add stuff if you want its fully customizable i worked about 1 hours 😛 to make it as easy as possible to customize putting everything you need to know right in the files them selves i also included a new Edit List.txt in the update so this will tell you where to go to edit something.

(Widget) WAD v2 the customizable multi widget widget.
* Weather + Analogue Clock + Digital Clock you decide.
* Custom Clock Backgrounds.
* Custom Clock Faces.
* 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch)
* Enable, Disable am,pm.
* Enable Disable 12 hours clock.
* Everything updates in real-time like the Device dose.
* New Top Style
* Customize Everything. (placements, textures, what’s displayed and much more)

Read this first
* Questions regarding what files to edit.
+ Here.
* Where to Edit in the files.
+ I have marked out in each file what each part does. (that you can edit)
* How to disable the Lock Screen.
+ Rename LockBackground.html i just add ; to the end.

Updated: Aug 5th iOS4+ Weather Fix
* Fixed Weather widget not loading in iOS4+.

Download Here. (SendSpace) Requires Wad v2.4

Updated: Dec 16th Major Update
* Updated Calendar on lockscreen.
* All settings are now in config files. (to edit posistions still need to edit Css files)
* Calendar on springboard now updates hourly.
* Rearanged all the widgets better folderizing :P.
* Redone all css files due to changes for buntis WAD.
* To do Graphics update.
* Maybe more forgot lol.

Download Here. (SendSpace)

Updated: Nov 6th New Build With Bug Fixes and Calender
* Added in a Calendar for the lockscreen.
* Enable Disable the Calendar on the lockscreen.
* Redone and sorted out some coding.
* Config files for weather, Digital clock and Calendar.
* Created help files for Lockscreen and Springboard.
* Fixed some bugs.
* I will post an update in a couple of days with new graphics so suggestions are welcome.

Updated: OCT 25 12 Hour Clock Fix ( Requires (Widget) WAD v2.2 )
* Fixed the 12 hours bug sorry about that. ( Thanks to SlimzyJ for letting me know )

Updated: OCT 21 (Widget) WAD 2.2
* This is a major update as i have resorted alot of stuff.
* Added New LockScreen Style. ( Replaces Old Style )
* Tided up all the folders.
* Fixed some placements.
* Added New clock face. ( Square )
* Redone descriptions in the files.
* Digital clock is now in its own file.
* Fixed Spanish Language thanks to Pelaez. ( if your language is incorrect PLMK TY )
* Updated Edit list.txt.

Updated: OCT 19 (Widget) WAD 2.1.2
* Added New LockScreen Style.
* New Weather Widget.
* No more Fahrenheit bug.
* New LockBackground.html.
* You can configure the lockscreen separate from the SpringBoard.
* Updated Edit list.txt.

Updated: OCT 16 19:58
* OK this is the full package (Widget) WAD v2.1.
* Fixed Clock Hands Placement was off by a few pixels.
* Edited all the .css files they now show what each one does.
* Added new backgrounds.
* Added New Clock Face Modern2.
* Added Analogue-clock-Skins.js.
* Added Install Notes.txt.
* Updated Edit list.txt.

Updated: OCT 16
* Added 12 new backgrounds Oval they come in different colours.

Updated: OCT 16
* Added 3 New Page Indicators Styles
+ (Top, Bottom and Inverted styles = Circle, Square and Rectangle.)
* Fixed Fahrenheit Bug.
* Added in Edit List.txt this tells you what files to edit do get the desired effect.
* Removed modified ilucas thebottombarknobgray image from (Widget) WAD v2.

Updated: OCT 15
* Redone some textures created a few more new ones
* Updated the skinning part so it is now easier to customize the widgets.


* Zetetic Apparatchik – Weather Widget.
* Simon Baird – CoolClock Code. (Analogue Clock)
* ****** – Digital Clock Code.

* Remember that you can customise this to how ever you want you can remove stuff or add stuff in if you please just remember that.



2 responses to “(widget) WAD v2.4

  1. Hi
    Why when i chg the weather animated f/screen code, it doesnt appear bit if i cont with your code 38671 it appears but my weather & your weather are differents…pls assist

    • I assume you just using the last 5 digest from the Yahoo weather address? It’s not a post code.

      Look for you location on yahoo weather & take the last 5 digest code from the we address & copy that into the config file.

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