(Widget) Buntis WAD

Download (Widget) Buntis WAD Calendar Update Download Here..
Download (Widget) Buntis + WAD Download Here..

Update:21:36 16/12/2008 SpringBoard Calendar Now Updates Hourly.

Update:02:31 05/12/2008 Added all the wallpapers that i have for Download Here..

Update:13:48 04/12/2008Enabled LockScreen by default now also fixes some bugs.

I would like to thank vipfreak first for this great skin thank you.

OK i have been given permission to release this modified Buntis theme so here it is.

Buntis skin i have modified it a bit i make the background separate from the overlay this way you can have your own background also i have made my own icons you will need to download the original buntis. to make yours.

WAD Widget this is a collection of 4 widgets all in one all combined to work from one folder.

Widgets available. My Original (Widget) WAD on [url=http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16789844]Macthemes Forums[/url]

1. Weather
2. Digital Clock
3. Analogue Clock
4. Calendar

all these can be configured by editing the config files for each one.

there are different style sheets for the Digital Time.

image1 image2 image3 image4

Comments are welcome any new stuff or suggestion are welcome to.


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